Biodegradable Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

What if we had the option to save the hassle of washing table ware after a big event and simply dispose them off without any damage to the environment?

Introducing to you the ONCE tableware range of disposable compostable palm leaf plates, disposable coasters and eco-friendly take away boxes manufactured from fallen leaves. These are available in a range of sizes as well as outstanding designs created by world renowned design houses in Scandinavia and Italy.

Our palm leaf plates and bowls are especially popular for occasions at home, weddings, restaurants, catering services, food stalls and airlines along with stylish disposable coasters for drinks. Since these are 100% natural and 100% compostable, they can be safely disposed off simply as is and will become one with the soil without leaving any traces of chemicals behind. Unlike disposable plates made from material like paper, no trees are felled or no damage is done to the environment with plates made from plastic, styrofoam which take years to biodegrade.

Our range of take away boxes offer convenience for your favorite restaurant to deliver food to your door-step or for you to do a take-away. These also feature ergonomic design where one side of the box can double up as a plate to enjoy a quick fuss free meal.

The ONCE range of compostable disposable tableware are manufactured in our state of the art factory with special attention to sourcing the best raw materials from our own farms and are passed through rigorous testing at our quality testing lab to ensure a 100% safe and hygienic natural product. These products have also passed the stringent EC 1935-2004 and US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 test for safety and hygiene.

ONCE disposable plates are the most eco friendly disposable plates in the market today compared to paper disposable plates, plastic disposable plates, Styrofoam disposable plates etc.

For a convenient and natural chemical free experience you can buy our range of bio degradable disposable palm leaf plates, disposable Coasters and eco-friendly take away boxes at the most competitive prices online at Amazon and soon on liveonce.co