With ONCE Single-use Tableware having passed the stringent EC 1935-2004 & US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 food safety tests you can be sure that you’re getting nothing but the best! To ensure these standards are maintained with every piece of tableware, strict quality control measures are adopted at every stage of manufacture.



ONCE tableware has proved to be 100% bio-based as per ASTM D6866-12 (American Society for Testing & Materials).


  • Using ONCE tableware gives you and the planet multiple savings when compared to re-usable tableware which consumes significant water & electricity for every re-use.

  • Made from leaves that are shed naturally by palm trees.

  • 100% natural & 100% compostable. Completely safe for the environment.

  • Many institutional users compost the large number of used plates after passing it through a ONCE tableware shredder. The absence of any bleach, inks, dyes, coatings etc ensures that the waste is 100% safe to use as manure for your kitchen garden.


ONCE single-use tableware is heat & cold resistant and can also hold solids and semi-solids comfortably. It can also be used for liquids for a shorter period of time and is microwaveable in low to medium heat up to 120 seconds.


Besides eliminating water and electricity expenses, ONCE products also enhance productivity of hotel & restaurant staff by eliminating the hassle of dish washing and stress of ensuring every plate is absolutely clean and free of old food particles for the next guest.



ONCE Tableware range features outstanding designs created by world renowned design houses in Scandinavia and Italy. The designs appeal to our customer’s senses in subtle ways to enhance their dining experience.



ONCE Tableware can be customized to any size, shape or design to suit specific requirement.



A significant portion of leaves are sourced from our own farms thereby controlling quality at source. Additionally, an optimum combination of scientific expertise, extremely high standards of hygiene, an advanced quality testing laboratory and an obsession for finesse ensure ONCE tableware is unparalleled.


Our factory is committed to ensuring that all Social, Ethical & Safety standards as per international industry standards and statutory compliance as per local regulations are met.